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Asian Bodywork Therapy

“Asian Bodywork Therapy” and “Massage Therapy” are indeed two different things. There has been much debate between professionals and professional organizations about what techniques, philosophies and descriptions cross over from one modality to the other and where certain seperations lie. “Bodywork” is a general term that applies to a vast group of manual manipulation forms.

Foot Bath

The Foot is the second heart of the human body. Plantar itching can explain higher sensitivity along meridians experienced in other parts of the body. A daily foot bath can not only keep your feet clean, but also smooth qi and provide a nourishing vigor and anti-aging qualities, enhance metabolism, improve resistance to external pathogens, and prevent chapping, chilblains, athlete's foot and other foot disease.

Deep Tissue Massage

applies more inthese pressure working intensely on the muscles and tissues to loosen toxins.release tension in the body.This massage is recommended for individual who experience consistent pain and soreness in the muscles.

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Welcome to Asian Massage. Start your healthier lifestyle by visiting your neighborhood Massage today for the best massages around. You'll find that the best place for massages is just outside your door.

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